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Results for EQA 2014 & 15 Tue Sep 2014

The results of the EQA 2014 and 2015 are available on the EQA site. Log in and view your results. Review your grading outcomes in relation to the consensus for each decision you made on each feature. This is an excellent learning opportunity.

How to use the Database Sun Oct 2013

A short video has been posted on Vimeo. This provides instruction on how to use the data base and tracking function. You can find it at: DR website instructor https://vimeo.com/76772743. We have uploaded some interesting video material to vimeo, These can be found at www.vimeo.com/groups/diabetic There is the: DR programme teaser: & Patient's perspective of the patient held record. These provide some interesting insights and challenges.

Registration on the site Tue Mar 2013

This is a closed user group site for healthcare professionals. It allows data capture and look up for screeners and non-screeners. To register, please contact dr@eyecentre.co.za . Please send your cellular telephone number,postal address, HPCSA registration number with the application e-mail. You will be sent a link to follow. Welcome to the team.

Patient Held Record (PHR) Tue Mar 2013

The Patient Held Record (PHC) has been designed to be the pivotal resource for patients, screeners and their Primary care givers. It is designed to provide a specific "score" a record of their systemic risk and a "cheat-sheet" to remind all concerned of the various classifications and recommendations for grading and management decisions. A PDF can be downloaded from the "Downloads" section of the site.